LearnStockTrading Desktop Simulator

Beauty, brains and brawn – all on your desktop

LearnStockTrading Desktop Simulator sets a new standard in trading technology. This demo platform has advanced tools designed for the active or pro trader. LearnStockTrading Desktop Simulator is seeded with $250,000 (CAD and U.S.) in virtual cash, and you can test out your trading in two different account types – margin and RSP.

Put your new knowledge to the test and trade like a pro with:

  • Superior order entry windows,
  • Robust market data screens,
  • Unlimited stock quotes,
  • A fully customizable trading layout,
  • Powerful market research tools.


  1. Sign up for your practice account.
  2. Click Download to download the demo version.
  3. Click Run and then Run again to begin the installation.
    Note: this step will be slightly different if you’re using Firefox or Google Chrome. Refer to your browser’s documentation for details.
  4. In the welcome screen, click Next.
  5. Click Next to install LearnStockTrading Desktop Simulator in the default location.
  6. Click Next to install shortcuts in the default folder.
  7. In the Additional tasks screen, select the Create a desktop icon and Create a Quick Launch icon checkboxes if you want an easy and fast way to access LearnStockTrading Desktop Simulator. Then, click Next.
  8. The setup wizard will display all the settings you’ve chosen, allowing you to review them. If you want to make any changes, click the Back button. Otherwise, click Next.

Once you’ve done this, LearnStockTrading Desktop Simulator will go through its installation process. You’ll see a progress bar, indicating how close it is to being completed.

Click Finish to launch LearnStockTrading Desktop Simulator and log in using your login ID and password.

Help & how to


What does simulated quotes mean?
Simulated quotes are stock quotes based on market data from the previous trading day. Although quotes are displayed in real-time, please be aware that you are not viewing current market data.

How do I place an order (option or equity)?
To place an order, open an order entry window and type the security symbol you want to trade and your order details, then click Send order.

How do I look up a symbol?
To look up a symbol, type the symbol or company name into the symbol lookup field. The list will pre-populate with recommended symbols that closely match your entry.

How do I view my positions?
To view your positions, go to the account window and select positions and you will find any positions you currently hold, as well as any recently closed positions.

How do I check the status of my order?
To check the status of your order, go to the account window, select your orders, and the status of any previously placed orders will be visible.