Option trader

Bruno Yang - Option trader
Bruno Yang
Option trader

Q: Why do you trade options?

A: I always perform best when under pressure. And trading options requires a steady hand, even when the pressure mounts – and options can get volatile. This doesn’t suit everyone. I can make a trade that lasts a few seconds or I can make a trade that lasts a couple of months. I try to think two if not three steps ahead of the game. That’s why I occasionally trade stocks. I use stock trades as a hedge to limit my potential losses.

Q: Does the frequency of your trading change over the course of the month?

A: Every day brings new challenges but the week before monthly options expire is when I’m the most active. I look for any kind of opportunity. Big or small, an opportunity is an opportunity and try my best to find all of them. When a company is about to release their earnings reports I usually take my time and analyze the earnings expectations. Then I’ll make a few trades the day before the announcement and then trade hard as the report goes live.

Q: What kind of research do you use for your options trades?

A: I use three main sources or channels for conducting all my research. First I look at present conditions. Online commentary explains what happens exactly when it happens. Not the next day or a week later. It’s real-time information that I use to make some quick trades. Sometimes I’ll look back at historical past price movements hoping they can give me a glimpse into what could happen. And of course my options Greeks; I never make a trade without consulting with the Greeks.