Day trader

Christopher Harris - Day trader
Christopher Harris
Day trader

Q: How many trades do you place a day?

A: depends on the market. 20 is my usual. 40 trades are for really active days. The most I’ve ever placed in one day was 142. I don’t think I blinked once.

Q: How do you determine what and how you trade?

A: I have a core list of about 20 securities that I closely follow. I rarely trade outside these. It’s helped me narrow my approach trading and be far more effective. Because I rarely move beyond these securities I know exactly what’s considered normal and abnormal behaviour. I have a few monitors that I use for trading. I keep my core list on one monitor and study charts on the other. If I see a stock that has some pretty intense movement on the charts I jump right in.

Q: When do you decide to exit a trade?

A: Every move I make is completely strategic. I have to remind myself every day before I start trading. You’d be surprised how easy it is to lose sight of that. I have a price target in mind when I trade and when my position hits it, I’m out. If a position is making me money then drops right off, I’ll take what little profit is available at the time and re-enter the trade when it makes sense to. I’ve even been known to get out of a trade as soon as it’s placed if it goes badly right away. I rather take a small loss and reevaluate my trade than sit on a sinking ship praying for it to correct itself. The markets just don’t work like that. There’s no such thing as luck so I need to take the emotions right out of the game.