Buy and hold trader

Salina Dosal - Buy and hold investor
Salina Dosal
Buy and hold trader

Q: What kinds of tools do you use to decide on your trades?

A: I take my time with every trade. I really look hard for my next investment opportunity because ideally I want something that will appreciate over time. First I identify a sector of the market I want to invest in, and then I’ll look at various quarterly earnings reports, balance sheets, and income statements to see if which if any companies within the sector looks to be a good buy.

Q: What is your trading timeframe?

A: I prefer to hold a stock for as long as I can. Strategically I look for stocks that have a proven track record of paying out dividends and increasing their dividend payout. With each trade I consider the impact it will have on my family, I want to ensure I don’t throw away important money we need now but I also don’t want to neglect the future. If a stock can provide consistent income for my retirement years it helps me feel comforted knowing I won’t be a financial drain on my kids.

Q: Do you get nervous when the market fluctuates?

A: Of course! I have a fair bit of money at stake, but like I said I invest for my family, so their well-being is at stake as well. Some people get consumed by moving markets, but I try my best to stick to my plans and not let the day to day market fluctuations change how I trade. I think long term. What my stocks are worth tomorrow or next week concerns me less than what they’re worth in five or ten years.